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Regina Marie


beautiful portraits for women and the people that love them

Beautiful portraits


in the most


places on earth.

Are you sailing the South Pacific
this year too?

I'm a portrait photographer traveling from Costa Rica to Fiji
this year. I'm looking for women, (single, in couples and with
families), to photograph in some of the most amazing locations
around the world.

If you're sailing the South Pacific
this year, I would love to stay in
touch so we can get you amazing
photos from your journey.


You are on a once in a lifetime trip! How many people dream of going to the exotic shores of Central America and the South Pacific.

However, having pictures that you’re actually in, that’s a different story.

That’s where I come in. I’m a portrait photographer, specializing in photographing women and making them look stunning. Not only can you have photos of the lovely places, and of yourself, (and your beloved crew) in thee amazing places, but you can be sure that my first priority is making sure YOU look good in the pictures!

I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t till I started really focusing on photographing women that I really found my LOVE of it. The look on oman’s face when she sees a photo of herself she loves… well it is my purpose.

Beautiful photographs can change how we see ourselves, and that’s what I want… to empower women through portraiture.

My purpose here.

Portraits and Price

Portrait shoot after the trip


Portrait shoot while we sail


*The free portrait shoot will not include professional hair and makeup, nor printed images.

Your Experience

When you get in touch with me, our adventure begins. I know how intimidating it can be getting photos taken, even once you’re sure that you want to do it. It’s my job to make sure your photo experience goes as well as possible.

The first thing we will do before the shoot is find the right clothes. I know we don’t travel with much as we’re cruising, but I bet we’ll find a few special thing to be photographed in. Also, I don’t have a hair and make up artist traveling with me, (much to my dismay), but if you need help with that, let me know and I can help.

The day of the shoot, after hair and makeup is ready we’ll get to spend a couple hours “playing dress up”. No need to worry about posing, I will guide you through the whole thing and pose you from head to toe. As we near the end of the shoot, we can call back over the rest of the crew to make sure that in addition to great pictures of YOU, that there are amazing pictures (where you look fabulous) to show all your family back home. (Beautiful portraits can make a great gift for family that are dearly missing you.)

Within 4 weeks, I should have a gallery of your images ready. (That four weeks is due to not knowing when I’ll be in port vs. at sea.) You are free to use those photos on social media and online! Also, I will provide you with “hi res” images that are suitable for printing, with recommendations of where to have them printed.

As you know I’m out cruising, which means I’m shooting other cruiser and maybe even some expat and locals.

Would you like to see who I’ve photographed to see if I’ve shot any of the people you’ve met?

Current Location:

We’re currently in Costa Rica till probably December.

As you know, cruising and traveling takes on a life of it’s on. To try to set up plans with me, email me and we can see if we can work out meeting up! I will try to update this regularly. (“Try” being the key word.)

Kraken Kissed Adventures

We left Key West, Florida in October 2015. We had high hopes and were ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

We definitely got an adventure though it wasn’t quite what we expected.