/What if I need to loose another 10-20 lbs (or more)?

What if I need to loose another 10-20 lbs (or more)?

Me too!!

However, there are a few things you ant to think about.

First, with proper posing, I can take that weight off you faster then pretty much anything you’ll come across. Seriously, You will be shocked at just how much posing can hell. Granted, posing can also be a bit uncomfortable, and you may feel like you had a workout the next day, but you’ll look damn good in the photos!

Second is a quote from The Crows, “Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.”
In other words your children, (and family) see the beauty in you that goes beyond a few pounds, (or even a lot of pounds). They want picture of you looking like you. My job is to be sure that you look like the best you.

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