wpid-jenna-16.jpgWe, as women, have been spoonfed the idea of what beauty is all of our lives. Unintentionally, this has ingrained a message of “not good enough” for so many.


It’s considered selfish if we do what we need to take care of ourselves. Yet, we’re asked to give and give as daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers.


Recognition and appreciation are at a premium, and rarely in proportion to what we do for others.


We need to take “beauty” back!
Beauty doesn’t have to be a size 2 with porcelain skin.


Beauty IS you being yourself, damn the consequences. It’s a genuine smile that let’s us see the joy in your heart. It’s the light in your eyes.that shows us your divine soul.


Beauty isnt about size at all, it’s about being all that you are and the glint of unlimited potential that IS being a woman.


I say it’s about time you let yourself be pampered; to look and feel like the goddess you are… and to have photographic evidence of it!!


Today is your day! Let’s enjoy a little self-indulgence.
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