I am on a health hiatus…

Dear Esteemed Clients and Friends,

I hope this note finds you in good spirits and health. Over the years, Regina Marie Photography has been a sanctuary of creativity, passion, and heartfelt connections, thanks to your unwavering support and trust. Our journey together, filled with capturing timeless moments and celebrating the essence of beauty and intimacy, has been incredibly fulfilling.

However, life, in its unpredictable wisdom, sometimes calls us to pause. After much contemplation, I have decided to embark on a hiatus for my health, a period of reflection and healing, which necessitates stepping back from Regina Marie Photography for an indefinite period.

In alignment with this decision, the Regina Marie Photography website has been temporarily taken down. While this step is not easy, it is made with a deep sense of responsibility towards my well-being and, ultimately, the quality of artistry and dedication I wish to continue offering you.

I understand this may come as unexpected news, and I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and compassion during this time. Your support has always been the backbone of this beautiful venture, and it continues to mean the world to me.

While the future remains unwritten, I hold onto the hope of one day returning to the craft that brings us together. Until then, I encourage you to keep the spirit of Regina Marie Photography alive in your hearts, as I will in mine.

Please feel free to reach out through our social media channels or email for any inquiries or messages you’d like to share. Your words have always been a source of inspiration and comfort, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey, for every smile shared, and for the endless beauty we’ve created together. Here’s to health, healing, and the unknown adventures that await us all.

With deepest appreciation and warmth,